Dojo Testimonials

I never see my son so focused as when he comes to Aikido class. His confidence has also risen. He says he “knows what to do” if he is being attacked and that he is not worried about it. He enjoys impressing the whole family and using us to practice on at home. I have to remind him every day about bringing home his school books and putting on his hat, yet when Sensei asks him to perform a move, he does it! Aikido of Virginia Beach has definitely become a part of the family. – AB

I’d endured some rough times before moving back to Virginia and returning to Aikido. When I first stumbled back into the dojo, little did I know what I had landed on; the more I attended, the more my love for the dojo grew, and the more I wanted to give to it. What I didn’t see is what it was giving back to me. In the short time I have been here, I have received support from Sensei and other aikidoka to have the strength to get back on my feet and get my life straight. Aikido of Virginia Beach is so much more than what you visually see; we are a family of great people and wonderful friends brought together by the fortune of this incredible, exhilarating place. – IS

Few regions are fortunate to have as authentic and traditional a dojo as this, Aikido of Virginia Beach, and as masterful and experienced a dojo-cho as Scott Tomlin Sensei. Instead of a simple training ground designed to expose students to various facets of a martial art, Scott Sensei has created a rigorous program based on formal Japanese values and Iwama heritage. I consider myself lucky to train in and belong to such a school, where friendship and sense of family bond everyone well beyond the walls of the dojo. – WJB

Under your guidance and care, [my son] has developed skills apart from the obvious physical prowess that have served to make him a more rounded human being…I value what I see you give to all of your students, particularly the younger ones. You are able to give each of them the kind of guidance, care and discipline that benefits all of us. You have a special gift, which you are able to share with so many fortunate people who come into your dojo. – CB

I can say with no reservation that my instruction at Aikido of Virginia Beach far exceeds anything I’ve witnessed [elsewhere]. – BB

Thank you so very much for opening up your dojo to us. We are also looking forward to more seminars hosted by Aikido of Virginia Beach. – MZ, AM, and TC
After my father passed away it wasn’t long until I came into contact with you and was able to find some things that I still cannot totally explain.

My son Bryson has signed up with Sensei Scott Tomlin at Aikido of Va. Beach, Ever since summer camp this past summer, my son Bryson’s behavior has changed; he listens well, focus being good, no whining about anything or crying. His day care has even said that he been very good. At his school he as earned 24 outstanding in class. Considering he earned 1 outstanding last year in his other school. – JR

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