Beaches are fantastic and inviting places that people turn to when they want to relax unwind and collect their thoughts during vacation or when taking time off from work. While banking on the idea of giving tourists the best moment, different firms have moved in with different models to ensure their customers enjoy their stay at their beach resorts. Banking on this business opportunity, Aikido Virginia Beach Resort came in to provide people the best. At Aikido Virginia Beach Resort, our business model is based on sports activities, but we have incorporated every idea available to ensure we give you the best.

We have beach games, horse rides, scuba diving, surfing, but also have indoor gaming arenas and even have a casino. At Aikido Virginia Beach Resort, your leisure is our business, and we haven’t left any stone unturned. We have indoor heated swimming pools, an infinity swimming pool overlooking the ocean, sauna, spa, massages, beach bar, Movie Theater, and kids Water Park. Although all the mentioned activities might seem like it’s too much, as Aikido Virginia Beach Resort we have focused all our attention on giving you our esteem customer the best experience at our resort.

Rooms Available

Our resort is made up of all en-suite rooms consisting of singles, doubles, and presidential suites in our multi-story building composed of 50 floors. Our bathrooms have both a bathtub and a shower cubicle. The design and location of every room were considered when setting up the resort to take advantage of the excellent views from the ocean. Each room has a balcony to give our guests the luxury of watching the sunset as they drink wine on the terrace. Each balcony is big enough to accommodate at least two people. However, the presidential and high-end rooms have larger balconies.

Prices for Rooms

Depending on the package type, we have different games attached to the tourist package with the all-inclusive package giving you access to all areas in our resort. The full package grants guests access to see a movie, play all day at the casino, and enjoy all other activities. We also cater to all our business-minded guests and have fully equipped rooms with team building activities, life coach or a short session at the gym. Similarly, we also take care of newlyweds, married couples looking to spice up their marriage life, or couples on a gateway.

Booking can be made online or via our app. To offer you the best services, we –usually advise our customers to make arrangements and bookings before their arrival at the resort. Payments can be done online via options available. You can also make payments in instalments but you can clear up the balance upon arrival. We also provide chauffeur services and can schedule for you, your family, or business partner to be picked right at the airport. All based and depending on your personal needs. In order to book, just check our our “about us” page or send us an email: info@aikido-of-virginia-beach.com

Room service is available to all of our guests. Executive rooms come with stocked minibars. Depending on your stay or package chosen, we don’t charge you an arm and leg because we understand it’s your time to relax and not to take care of many bills. As a resort dedicated to guests, we have specially designed rooms for disabled members of our community. We also allow guests to come with their pets at no extra cost. Guests with kids and on a family retreat get all the attention they deserve during their stay at Aikido Virginia Beach Resort. We provide baby cots upon request.

Working Areas Also Available

While we are after giving you time to relax and disconnect you from the world, we do also have dedicated working areas. If any issue from work demands your attention, the working area is available and at your disposal. There are designated seating areas available to enable you to work comfortably. We also have a reliable internet connection for video calls.


Our menus consist of different food from all over the world. Our chefs are ready to make any meal ordered. We have not limited our menu to local cuisines; instead, we have ventured off and included sumptuous meals from across the globe. At Aikido Virginia Beach Resort, we have African dishes, Asian foods, Mexican, Italian meals, and many more. Similarly, we have the most exotic wine available and also have set up a mini wine tasting lounge at our resort.

Games and Casino

While the Virginia Beach waters and sandy beaches are fantastic and inviting, we also have the Movie Theater and casino for indoor lovers. Our casino consists of different gaming areas put together by our partners. During your stay at Aikido Virginia Beach Resort, you won’t be disconnected from your daily life, which includes playing your favorite poker, bingo, slot machines, Blackjack or watching football while having a drink.  To ensure you have an all-round experience while at Aikido Virginia Beach Resort. We brought in several casinos Spinia, Betsson, Casino Portugal, Mr. Green, Leovegas casino review and Oranje casino.

Bob Casino is also an option. The latter have their games available at our casino. As masters of their trade, they have crafted different games and competitions to suit Aikido Virginia Beach Resort and its customers. You can also visit the site of Onlinecasinoplatz.com. On this website you will get a bonus at William Hill casino.

While some games end with players winning cash, money, or exotic cars, at Aikido Virginia Beach Resort, some end up with customers winning a fully paid vacation at our resort. Upon winning any competition, our customers get to choose when to attend their holiday and also get to attend a short aikido lesson. We have master-level aikido experts who will take them through the aikido lesson.

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