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In addition to our website, we are also available on all social media sites and have active personnel always answering and responding to any queries raised by our customers. Furthermore, right at our platforms, we have virtual tours which can show you the exotic amenities, beautiful sceneries and excellent rooms we have available. We also accommodate the business community and have a large conference room available for their long seminars and meetings. For more information about our services for the business community, please visit our social media platforms or call us.

Promotions and Loyalty Programs

In addition to our excellent prices on packages, we do also have a loyalty program where we give our most loyal customers offers in the form of price cuts at our resort. Our resort has been operational for several years now, and due to our excellent services, we have loyal returning customers who love our resort. As such, we do have different offers available for the above set of customers. However, for new customers who would like to stay at Aikido Virginia Beach Resort, we also have some offers available. So rest assured at Aikido Virginia Beach Resort, we have got you covered. To check out offers currently available, please visit our website or any of our social media channels.

We are also part of an association that advocates for taking care of our environment. If you would love to join us in this walk, please do so and let’s work together to save our environment from pollution. We would like to have you or your company working with us to protect our environment. The association is an international one, so no worries you can join from wherever you are, and together, we can work alongside each other.

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